Fast Food? No thanks.

1 – Is fast food really that tasty?

It could just be me, but what fast food actually tastes any good? Just about the only the thing I ever eat are some French fries, and that’s after a few drinks and a long night of dancing. So the fact that some people eat fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whilst sober, astounds me. IT DOESN’T TASTE GOOD.

2 – Do you know who is handling your food?

Are you really able to trust the people handling your food? If this Domino’s Pizza joint were anything to go by, I would think twice before exchanging your spare change for a soggy burger and fries. Many employees hired in the food industry are also not provided with necessary training and food safety education.

3 – What do you get out of eating fast food?

The nutritional value of fast food is slim to none. So what’s the point of even putting in your body? It doesn’t do anything positive. On daily basis there is certain amount of proteins and vitamins, that is needed for a healthy life style, or even just to live, so what’s the point?

4 – Ever wondered why it gets to you so darn fast?

It’s because it’s not made fresh. Its probably been sitting in the bain-marie for a week being pumped full of chemicals and preservatives. So is it worth risking your health to save a few minutes on preparation time while cooking at home.

So what do we learn from this? Cook at home for yourself and you’ll avoid it all!

fast food


5 thoughts on “Fast Food? No thanks.

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  2. I agree. It’s the harmful chemicals in the product that make you crave more, even though there is nothing good about it. Glad to hear you are making your own pizzas, they look absolutely delicious!


  3. Today, people are becoming more and more aware of such harmful chemicals and health food is becoming more and more popular. Freshly squeezed juices and meals that you can identify all the ingredients will appeal to me more EVER time.

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